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Louis Vuitton Outlet Online Exercise-induced myalgia syndrome (exertuonal muscle pain syndrome) is caused by or aggravated by the movement of muscle pain. More common in muscle energy metabolism disorders, a wide range of muscle diseases and normal individuals.

Muscle pain, stiffness, and tenderness can be generated in normal individuals, a strong movement occurred within 24 hours after exercise than and Sustainable few days to a week, the degree of pain and the level of individual physical training, exercise intensity and duration of related. In normal individuals, the exercise-induced muscle pain mechanisms may be associated with eccentric contractions, excessive force, and repeated muscle contraction-induced muscle mechanical injury, and another study that also the chemical nociceptors involved in this process, the specific mechanism is still not clear.

Vascular and metabolic disorders, fibromyalgia was the result of muscle energy demand and supply can not maintain a balance due. When the muscle’s blood supply is insufficient, the exercise can produce intermittent claudication. Metabolic diseases (including glucose metabolism, lipid metabolism and mitochondrial disease) is a common cause of exercise-induced muscle pain often can be with or without tenderness, muscle weakness, contractures and myoglobinuria. Serum CK, lactate levels, pyruvate, and other energy metabolites for the diagnosis and differential diagnosis is important.

Another movement of myopathy is also seen in some congenital myopathies, muscular dystrophy, inflammatory myopathy, toxic myopathy and endocrine myopathy. Mostly manifested as a systemic myalgia, accompanied by muscle weakness and other unique clinical manifestations and genetics characteristics can be identified.

In short, if there is a long period of myalgia and muscle weakness after exercise, muscle diseases clinic should be noted that timely treatment to prevent missed diagnosis of some diseases.

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The myalgia generate reasons for

(A) muscle nociceptors

The primary muscle pain often can occur in many disease conditions, can also occur in normal individuals under certain conditions. Clear reason for determining the nature and intensity of pain, is still not fully understood. Nociceptors in the muscle, is mediated by myelinated Ad fibers and unmyelinated C fibers are widely distributed in the muscle underwear, and other connective tissue, especially the combination of muscle and tendon, fascia and aponeurosis at. The most common pain mediators including: bradykinin, 5 – hydroxytryptamine, histamine, potassium and hydrogen ions. Characteristics of the mechanical stimulation of pain for fast, transient; chemical stimuli pain is manifested in the delayed, chronic pain.

(B) a common cause of pain

For example

Mechanical factors


Metabolic diseases

Muscle ischemia and

Excessive traction (including: pain, muscle spasm, contracture, reflex muscle spasm, muscle sheets by force higher)

Eccentric contraction

Hematoma compression

Acute polymyositis

Interstitial inflammation (such as: muscle fasciitis)

Muscle metabolic diseases (sugar, fat and mitochondrial disease)

Claudication interval syndrome, exercise induced muscle ischemia, muscle infarction

A. Mechanical and chemical factors

Toxic chemical factors can produce muscle pain, metabolic diseases such as inflammatory diseases and muscle. Compression or traction intramuscular connective tissue can produce muscle pain, such as intramuscular hematoma, infarction, spasm and muscle contracture. In contrast, muscle fiber necrosis and regeneration, such as muscular dystrophy, even if it is a very serious pathological changes, and rarely accompanied by myalgia. Of course there are some exceptions, such as muscular dystrophy, some showed only muscle pain after exercise, myalgia in BMD or FSHD may be a more common symptoms. However, the pathological changes in the degree of muscle pain and muscular dystrophy.

Although the eccentric contraction from a physiological point of view, is more effective than concentric contraction muscle eccentric contraction can lead to the disorder of the sarcomere and significant myalgia. Eccentric contraction-induced muscle pain and mechanical pressure and stretch-induced pain there is a difference. Eccentric contraction of the muscle can cause significant muscle ultrastructural changes, such as: Z-line disorders, water ripples, the destruction of the muscle fiber structure, as well as secondary changes, including intracellular edema, swelling of mitochondria, lysosomal activation and lipofuscin granules increased, the damage in the concentric contraction. Gleeson reported that the peak time of myalgia occurred in the first two days of the eccentric contraction, serum CK peak at 1-7 days after exercise, the C-reactive protein reached a peak in 1-11 days. Total white blood cell count, neutrophils, monocytes, basophils, compared with before exercise decreased by 15-20%, accompanied by iron, zinc, albumin, immunoglobulin G, M, decreased, while the lymphocytes , eosinophils, and platelet count did not change the above studies have shown that eccentric contraction of the acute inflammatory response may be associated with myalgia after exercise quickly, although there is muscle fiber necrosis, but no further muscle pathological changes .

Eccentric contraction injury due to muscle pain, anti-inflammatory painkillers. However, studies have shown that administration of L spin botulinum can reduce the onset of pain, reduce tenderness and lower CK levels, the principle is its expansion of blood vessels, and promote the clearance of the heterologous material.

Two. Ischemic muscle pain

In addition to affecting muscle, connective tissue can be caused by muscle pain, ischemia can also lead to skeletal muscle, cardiac pain. Caused by angina, intermittent claudication, by occlusive vascular disease. High-intensity exercise, ischemic muscle pain in normal subjects is also common, such as moving heavy objects arm pain. This ischemic myalgia specific mechanism remains unclear. This pain not seem to be caused by hypoxia due to ischemia caused by blocking the muscle blood supply did not increase muscle pain, and restore the blood supply can reduce the speed of pain, which indicates possible that some small molecules mediated such pain. , Epinephrine significantly increased in the ischemic muscle pain. If intra-arterial epinephrine can produce ischemic pain. In a comparative study found that caffeine, and adrenergic receptor antagonists can reduce ischemic muscle pain.

Muscle pain, not simply as fatigue due should be given attention, to prevent the misdiagnosis of the disease. Louis Vuitton Outlet Store

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Plagued China’s tens of thousands of patients with muscular dystrophy, DMD type of which the most common muscular dystrophy there are over 40,000 children, and also add thousands of people each year. Although the diagnosis and treatment have been many exciting news in the actual treatment, however, still lack the means of special effects. So many parents, the sick, critically ill, missed the child’s treatment.

The Center intends to carry out relief activities of muscular dystrophy children during the summer months, Louis Vuitton Outlet Free Shipping and will go to China’s most famous muscle disease experts – Professor Shen Ding-Guo consultation and guide treatment of children with And to give parents and children with the most scientific health education, rehabilitation guidance of muscular dystrophy.

Expected in late July, the proposed income children 8-10 children, time for one week. Seats are limited, please make an appointment in a timely manner.

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Of Duchenne / Becker muscular dystrophy is a progressive muscle disease, which is caused by abnormal resistance to muscle atrophy protein. Spina bifida feet paralysis is characterized by most of the upper limb is not affected. We reported one case of Becker muscular dystrophy accompanied by the incidence of spina bifida. Louis Vuitton Outlet USA Upper limb muscle biopsy showed changes of muscular dystrophy, which changes rarely occur in the lower extremities. The results show that the limit excessive movement plays an important role for dystrophin-deficiency diseases.

Department of Child Development, Kumamoto University School of Medicine, 1-1-1 Honjou Kumamoto 860-0811, Japan.

Duchenne/Becker muscular dystrophy is a progressive muscle disease, which is caused by the abnormality of dystrophin. Spina bifida is characterized by paralysis of the feet, with most of the upper extremities not being affected. We report here on the first case of Becker muscular dystrophy coinciding with spina bifida. The muscle biopsy specimens of the patient showed dystrophic changes in upper extremities, but clearly less in lower extremities. The results show that the restriction of excessive exercise is important for dystrophin deficiency disease.

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DMD (of Duchenne muscular dystrophy) is a X-linked muscle disease characterized by anti-dystrophin gene mutations. At the transcriptional level by exon skip mutations, many mutations can be corrected. Louis Vuitton Outlet 85% Off In mdx mice by tail vein injection of adeno-associated virus vector, we obtained persistent exon skipping, these vectors expressing antisense sequences as part of the stable cell U1 small nuclear RNA. Generalized to give the AAV structure can produce systemic transplantation, lead to the recovery of functional characteristics in vitro significantly reduced the serum creatinine phosphokinase levels, this phenomenon also shows that the overall decline of muscle consumption. These transfected muscle to restore dystrophin expression, and demonstrated a significant functional recovery: a single muscle fiber level nearly reached the normal standard. This approach provides a solid foundation for systemic use in the treatment of DMD AAV-mediated antisense-U1 small nuclear RNA expression.

Institute Pasteur Cenci-Bolognetti, Department of Genetics and Molecular Biology and Institute of Molecular Biology and Pathology, University “La Sapienza,” P. le Aldo Moro 5, 00185 Rome, Italy;

Duchenne muscular dystrophy is an X-linked muscle disease characterized by mutations in the dystrophin gene. Many of these can be corrected at the posttranscriptional level by skipping the mutated exon. We have obtained persistent exon skipping in mdx mice by tail vein injection with an adeno-associated viral (AAV) vector expressing antisense sequences as part of the stable cellular U1 small nuclear RNA. Systemic delivery of the AAV construct resulted in effective body-wide colonization, significant recovery of the functional properties in vivo, and lower creatine kinase serum levels, suggesting an overall decrease in muscle wasting. The transduced muscles rescued dystrophin expression and displayed a significant recovery of function toward the normal values at single muscle fiber level. This approach provides solid bases for a systemic use of AAV-mediated antisense-U1 small nuclear RNA expression for the therapeutic treatment of Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Side Effects of Bodybuilding

Well, bodybuilding not only has advantages but also has some disadvantages. Yes this is true and it��s found to create side effects and problems in the long run. When we say any bodybuilder; the muscular muscles, powerful and lean people comes to your mind. Most of the bodybuilders eat, sleep, train and also consume some drugs to become the finest among the finest. Among these activities drugs are found to create lot of side effects because they are not natural. In order to become the biggest and best, at one stage it very much required for them to take drugs and possibility of avoiding them is very less.

Here are some side effects of body building

Loss of size: it seems they are eating lot of food but actually it is not. Intensive training and other workouts make them to shed weight. Some experts say loss of size will create mental anguish but not in all the cases.

Supplementation of testosterone for long duration of time: even after retirement, a majority of professional bodybuilders mainly depend on testosterone for their life time. Because of the synthetic hormones, their body stops producing natural testosterone which is a major side effect. It costs them more financially also.

Long term drug usage: because of the bodybuilding they will practice the habit of taking drugs even if they are not building the body. This is found to create lot of health problems in the later stages. Drug usage includes getting addicted to painkillers, counter pain relievers to eliminate muscle pain and daily joint pain.

Bone acromegaly or growth

When you are using GH (growth hormone) for bodybuilding you not only build your muscles but also your bone endings. There is no example of small hand professional bodybuilder. When you start growing, your skulls, knees and elbows are also grows. Incase if you lose your muscle size, large sized bones will remain.

Organ growth

Just like your bones, muscles and skin grow there is also a chance of growing internal organs like circulatory system, digestive system, respiratory system and heart because of the bodybuilding and the scientists yet to discuss this issue in detail. The long term feasibility of professional bodybuilders is a big question nowadays.

Particularly if you are using performance enhancing substances there is a more chance of getting side effects. Prohormone, a precursor substance and anabolic steroids are the major reasons for creating side effects in the human body. Even though you are not prone to many side effects just because of the bodybuilding, you are indirectly the victim of side effects some times without your presence. Male pattern baldness, acne, gynecomastia and hepatotoxicity are some of the undesired side effects of the body building. Reduction in the production of natural testosterone leads to testicular atrophy. Human growth hormone causes acromegaly. Sometimes overtraining because of the bodybuilding leads to severe damage on the CNS or central nervous system. By proper care and by using natural medicines you can avoid the possibility of side effects to the great extent.

Bodybuilding Tips

We all say ��Health is Wealth�� and maintaining good health is very important for each and every individual. To maintain disciplined living and balance diet in the later stages of life, one needs to follow perfect body building tips. A majority of people start building the body in the very young age as it can give attractive look. Today body building is the most common activity and both women and men involve in this. In simple words body building is defined as the process of work out to gain more strength and body muscles. One important thing to remember here is different body parts needs different exercises and you need to practice it in proper schedule. In addition to the work out, muscles need rest before practicing the same exercise.

Here are some bodybuilding tips exclusively for you

Bodybuilding training tips

  • Training without injuries is one of the golden rules of bodybuilding. Keep yourself warm all the time. Initially start the training process with small weights and later move on with heavy weights.
  • Depending on the somatic type of your body, create your own training method and stick to it.
  • More than sport, bodybuilding is a lifestyle and you should mentally prepare for it. Keep healthy mind in your healthy body. Think positive and you will definitely become a champion.
  • Once in every eight weeks, change your training style so that you will not repeat the same exercise again and again. Have some fun while exercising.

Bodybuilding diet tips

  • Eat five to six times a day so that you can keep your body in anabolic state. Don��t miss even a single meal.
  • Drinking more water is a healthy tip as it helps in reducing some toxins. It is recommended to drink at least 2 liters of water every day.
  • Calculate your caloric requirements on daily basis.

Eat 12cal /pound for weight loss

Eat 15 cal /pound for maintenance

Eat 19 cal / pound to increase weight

  • To maximize the results use some dietary supplements that helps in assimilating the nutrients.



Bodybuilding recovery and resting tips

Most of the people wonder is it necessary to take rest while doing bodybuilding exercises and the answer is yes. You need to take rest for the growth of muscle tissues.

  • One important thing to remember here is your body muscles will start developing after bodybuilding exercises and you need to give them enough rest
  • It is very essential to produce HGH or growth hormone at the time of bodybuilding. The best way to produce HGH is by having proper sleep.


Bodybuilding is all about getting biceps, triceps, six packs and muscles. Getting proper shapes on particular areas is more important. It is always recommended to do bodybuilding under the supervision and guidance of qualified instructor. A qualified instructor not only monitors all your actions but also provides some good bodybuilding tips. If you have never tried building body then follow the above mentioned steps and tips and you can definitely build a perfect body.

Bodybuilding For Weight Gain

Bodybuilding for weight gain! Most of the times it sounds strange but it is a fact. Today most of the people are found gaining weight through the bodybuilding process and is only for the good reason. If you are worried about gaining weight through the bodybuilding process then here is the way to go. With the increase in muscle growth you are gaining more weight but it will not affect adversely. All the weight you gain through bodybuilding should be healthy and under the limits of body mass. You have different approaches to weight gain and it is up to you to follow the right strategy.

In most of the cases you are required to eat 90% of raw foods and grains. Drink more amounts of water to avoid any type of dehydration. Along with bodybuilding, to gain more weight you are in a need to eat nutrients of high quality. Always prepare a menu and stick to it.

Bodybuilding for weight gain is made easy

Here are some steps that rewrite your weight gain plan

Set a weight gain goal: while doing any activity it is very important to set a goal and same thing holds good for weight gain also. Set a goal and make sure that you have a plan to achieve the target. Focus on the goal and work for it.

Plan an effective weight gain program: you can find different types of weight gain programs but finding the one that suits your body conditions is more important. Even though you are sure about taking more calories, you should know its exact amount. By calculating your bodyweight with 20 you can find out the total number of calories required on daily basis. This formula works but you need to have a closer look at your body weight all the time.

Foods to take: to attain the target with healthful weight you should decide about the food and its quantity. Proteins and fats everything should be in proper ratio. The most suitable macro nutrient ratio is 30% fats, 30% proteins and 40% carbohydrates. Beans, Oatmeal, wheat bread, bananas, taters, whole wheat pasta and grain are the major sources of carbohydrates. Protein sources include pure whey protein, turkey, cottage cheese, fresh fish, eggs, beef and chicken breast. Peanuts, soy milk, walnuts, flax seed oil, salmon and avocado are some of the best protein sources.

Duration of meal also matters: to gain more weight you need to consume meals six times a day instead of just 3 times. This guarantees building of new muscles without burning the valuable muscle tissue.

Weight gain plan also include bodybuilding process at least for three days in a week. The less exercise promotes building of new muscles at the earliest possible. Restrict the workouts and minimize the muscle pressure. In other words the bodybuilding program should look like this.

Monday: legs and hip exercise

Wednesday: biceps, back muscles and arm rest

Friday: shoulder area, triceps muscles and chest area.

Track your progress and make sure that you are going in a right direction.

Bodybuilding Drugs

Bodybuilding is a common process nowadays and people use more number of drugs to build the body as soon as possible. These drugs have their own positive sides and negative sides. Depending on your body condition you can go for the particular bodybuilding drug. Most of the times when you think about bodybuilding drugs you remember steroids but this is not the only drug used by bodybuilders nowadays. Virtually you have hundreds of drugs to use.

Let��s have a look at some of the major bodybuilding drugs.

Lasix: today a majority of bodybuilders are found using Lasix to motivate loss of water. It is a kind of diuretics that blocks the working of aldosterone and other water conserving hormones. It gives the necessary shredded look needed for the bodybuilding competition instead of smooth look. Lasix not only shed the water but also responsible for excretion of chlorine, potassium, sodium and electrolyte substances from the water which are responsible for various metabolic activities in the body. According to studies, Lasix is a dangerous drug and there is a chance of death if used for long duration of time.

Cytomel: Cytomel is a thyroid drug used by the bodybuilders. When compared to the traditional thyroid drugs, the latest one like Cytomel is more effective and contributes a lot to the bodybuilding. May be this is the reason why today��s bodybuilders are different from that of 1980��s. It lowers the fat level and increases the muscle growth. This thyroid drug causes thyroid gland to produce two peptide hormones such as T3 or triiodothyronine and T4 or tetraiodothyronine. These two hormones play a vital role in the body metabolism, body growth and development. Incase if the T3 and T4 levels comes down, metabolism activity slows down and person will gain more weight.

HCG: Human Chorionic Gondotropin is the other important bodybuilding drug for those who are consuming steroids. Bodybuilders who consume steroids will have a problem of testes getting shrinking so HCG plays a vital role in overcoming it. HCG directs LH (Luteinizing Hormone) to begin testosterone manufacturing in the testes. It restarts the testosterone generation significantly.

Nubain: it is a famous body stimulator. It helps the energizer cells to sustain hard workouts for long duration of time. Today most of the bodybuilders use this drug to do more exercise by injecting to nerves once in 30 minutes. This is proved to be an addictive drug.

Ketamine: it is one of the latest bodybuilding drugs introduced to the market. Again it is an addictive drug and used for endurance and strength building. Some mixtures of Ketamine also include Nubain. Some bodybuilders also make use of anabolic steroids and cocaine as a bodybuilding drug even though they are very dangerous.

These bodybuilders will surely need treatment for ketamine addiction once they get hooked to this dangerous drug.

In the course of bodybuilding usage of drugs is most common but it is good to know the negative sides of all the drugs. By consuming drugs you may succeed in bodybuilding but you should be ready to face its consequences in the later stages of the life. Use bodybuilding drugs only after the prescription.

What to Eat For Bodybuilding

What to eat for bodybuilding

Bodybuilding requires proper training, endurance, balanced diet and strength. A proper diet always helps to increase the muscle mass and maintains good health. To maintain balanced diet avoid eating fast food. Particularly if you are undergoing bodybuilding program you should eat generous food frequently. A serious bodybuilder should eat 5 to 7 times a day. The food should be taken once in every two to three hours. Before start eating the food for bodybuilding, it is better to consult your fitness trainer. It is not only important to eat food but you should do serious training. If you are involved in bodybuilding then focus on fat decrease so that you can increase the lean muscle. Proper rest, regular training and healthy eating are all important parts of effective bodybuilding.

What to eat for bodybuilding and when?

Instead of sport, bodybuilding can be called as an art of lifestyle that requires strong determination. When it comes to food sometimes you need to sacrifice yourself with your favorite food. If you have strong determination and desire you can do everything and anything. Most often we say bodybuilders are the real masters of dieting because they intake proper food at right time with a planned diet.

Let��s have a look at what to eat for bodybuilding and when


One cup cooked oatmeal

Seven disheveled eggs that includes one whole egg and six or more whites

One cup coffee

One glass of apple juice



One glass of water

One protein shake



Tuna fish of one can

Wheat bread of 2 slices

One spoon sweet relish

A bit of celery salt

I glass of water



One protein shake

One glass of water



One baked boneless salmon steak or chicken breast

One serving brown rice

One serving green beans

One glass of water


Before bed:

One protein shake

One glass water


Here is the list of muscle growing foods that enhance your bodybuilding

  • Lean read meat: meat is the major source of iron, zinc and proteins. It also contains lot of vitamins and helps to grow muscles after a workout
  • Eggs: it is a great source of proteins. You can taste the eggs in different ways and it also contains lot of biological value
  • Fish: eating fish 3 times a week is recommended for effective body building. It is full of fatty acids which are found good for body. Salmon fish is most recommended.
  • Fowl: turkey and chicken are the major sources of protein and is very helpful while lifting the heavy weight. Proteins play a vital role in muscle growing
  • Milk: milk provides vitamins, minerals, calcium and proteins and hence contributes for all departments. Always drink low fat milk.
  • Cottage cheese: it similar to that of milk and don��t forget to eat on regular basis.
  • Oatmeal: for carbohydrates oatmeal is the best source and produces energy that lasts for long duration of time.
  • Fruits and vegetables: bananas, berries, oranges, kiwi and apple are full of minerals, iron, zinc, potassium and fibers which are very helpful for bodybuilding.